Bulk Sales of Vegetables

We are currently providing bulk Potato, Onion, and Garlic to various vendors across Mumbai which has got a HUGE MARKET of over Rs 100+ Crore Daily only in Mumbai.

Vendors includes the following:

Our Pilot Plant

The hawkers place the order to Mitshi India Ltd because they get a better price as almost 3-5 middlemen are eliminated in our process.

With the above process we assure loyalty and repeat business of the hawkers.

This helps the company to procure large volume of Business and provide at reasonable price to the B2B and as well this will help to company to boost sale and profit.

Company Mitshi India Ltd is planning to procure ownership/leased/other modes tie-up for procurement of bulk quantity of potato, onions, and garlic. This tie-up will help the company to provide consistent supply, growth of the company and margins.

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Next Target?

We are developing software to provide across Mumbai to various hawkers to place an order to Mitshi India Ltd, so that it can be accounted.

We are planning to provide special mobile instruments which includes our application with the easy payment facility which allows every hawkers to place an order.

This will lead to converting of unorganized sector to organized.